The Rewind Technique: Unlocking the Potential for Healing Traumatic Memories
As an online therapist based in Argyll and Bute, I'm always on the lookout for techniques that can help my clients process and heal from traumatic experiences. One such approach that has gained attention in recent years is the Rewind Technique, also known as the Visual-Kinaesthetic Dissociation Technique (V-KD or VK Dissociation). The Rewind Technique […]
Connecting Through Shared Experiences: Introducing Group Therapy Courses and Retreats
Sometime this year, as an online therapist based in Bute, I'll be offering a range of courses, workshops, and retreats designed to take the one-on-one work I do with clients to a whole new level. These experiences will focus on the power of connection and the transformative potential of working within a supportive community. Group […]
My Qualification Journey: A Passion for Mental Health and Expertise in Therapy
As an online therapist based in Argyll and Bute, my journey in the field of mental health and therapy has been one of continuous learning so I can help my clients more effectively. My interest in the human mind began in the late 1980s when I first delved into child psychology and became captivated by […]
Choosing a Reputable Therapist
When seeking therapy, one of the most important considerations is choosing a reputable and trustworthy therapist. In the world of therapy, it might come as a surprise that the profession remains unregulated, which means anyone can set themselves up as a therapist. However, there are a few things to look for that can reassure you […]
Your Peace of Mind Matters: The Importance of My Clinical Will
As an online therapist, based in Argyll and Bute, your well-being is at the heart of my practice. Today, I want to share something important that contributes to your peace of mind when working with me: my clinical will. What is a Clinical Will? Think of a clinical will as a plan for the unexpected. […]
Investing in Your Well-Being: How My Ongoing CPD Benefits You
As an online therapist based in Argyll and Bute, and Auchterarder, my primary commitment is to your well-being. To achieve this, I believe in the continuous development of my skills and knowledge through Continuous Professional Development (CPD). In this blog, I want to highlight why it's essential for you, as a client, to choose a […]

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